Blue 10 Tequila Gold 38% 70cl

Blue 10 Tequila Gold 38% 70cl

Key Info

Type Tequila
Style Gold Tequila
Strength 38%

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The surrounds of Tequila, Jalisco state, Mexico are home to two very special things; The La Cofradia distillery and one of its finest products, Blue 10 Tequila.

Blue 10 is the exquisite hybrid of over half a century of La Cofradia's tequila-making expertise and Hi-Spirits' unique market insight. Borne of this inspired union is golden Tequila of uncompromising quality and versatility, perfectly matched to the UK palette, bottled and presented as every bit the premium product. Blue 10 is equally at home straight over ice or at the heart of informed mixology.

The enchanting azure hue of the Blue Agave at Blue 10's soul is the key to both its name and its unique character. Having grown and matured for 10 years the Blue Agave is harvested by the La Cofradia Jimadors before being cooked, crushed, distilled and finally, beautifully enclosed.

Blue 10 Tequila is the earthy, spice embodiment of purtiy, expertise and patience.