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  • Mount Gay Black Barrel - The Oldest Rum Distillery In The World

    We are pleased to announce that a new premium rum has joined our ever growing stable of delectable liquids. Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum is the latest expression from the oldest working rum distillery in the world; when I say latest it's been around for quite some time, 2013 to be exact. It was originally released in the US and parts of Europe and wasn't available in the UK until 2014. I don't know why it too us so long to pick up this fantastic rum (shame on us!) but it's here now and was...

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  • Packing More Heat Than The Devil With A Shotgun - Naga Chilli Vodka

    Do you like spice? I mean do you really, really like spice? Are you happy to chow down vindaloo and phal curries with a casual disregard for your own palate and the sweat drenching your brow?  If the answer is yes then I suggest you keep reading as Naga Chilli Vodka is certainly for you. If you find the heat in a Madras offensive, then may I kindly suggest you come back to this vodka when you've grown a pair! Naga Chilli vodka is officially the world's hottest vodka and comes in two varieties;...

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  • This Is Gin 101: A Crash Course On Juniper Goodness

    Gin is everywhere at the moment and its popularity continues to grow as more and more gins come to what could be described as an overcrowded market. With so many gins to choose from its all too easy to become confused and possibly drawn in by fantastical claims of exotic and downright crazy botanicals; after all, with so much competition every gin is trying to differentiate itself and stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, I thought I would lend you guys a hand in understanding the...

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  • Tarquins Navy Strength Gin Marks End Of An Era For 771 Squadron

    For over fifty years the Royal Navy Helicopter Search and Rescue teams have been saving lives up and down the length and breadth of the country. Their role encompasses a wide variety of missions that can range from rescuing walkers to aiding divers, surfers and holiday makers in distress along the coast. Their operational range is 200 nautical miles off the British coast so are often also called upon to rescue sailors and fisherman from stricken vessels in appalling conditions that most aircraft...

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  • Fantastic Value Italian Boutique Wines

    We all know that Italian is considered to be the language of love but does that passion extend to their wine making? In the case of Orion Wines the answer to that is a resounding yes! This passions springs from the synergy of two friends who work in harmony to produce amazing boutique wines that have an impeccable quality whilst also being affordable. The duo in question are Luca Pomaro, a 20 year veteran of the international wine scene who is responsible for marketing and understanding key...

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  • Get Some Culture With Gin From The Bloomsbury Club

    Thames Distillers has teamed up with The Bloomsbury Club to create a new, cultured and elegant line of gins called Gin Lane 1751. Each bottle is hand-crafted and reflects the true style of English gin from the time period when gin was banned from prisons, workhouses and shops. This line of gin is sure to satisfy any English-styled alcohol craving whilst also paying tribute to the rich historic past of the gin ban in England through a quality bottled product. The Bloomsbury Group—or Bloomsbury...

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  • The Three B's Make A Triumphant Return

    We have been stocking Knob Creek bourbon for a considerable time now, a small batch premium bourbon that is highly popular. What some of you will not realise is that Knob Creek is part of a rather special set of bourbons which are, rather unimaginatively I must admit, entitled 'The Small Batch Bourbon Collection'. This is pretty much common knowledge in the US but less so on British shores due to the rarity of the other three bourbons in the country. The other three I mention are Bookers, Bakers...

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  • Professor Ampleforth Wins Awards

    Breaking news everyone, The Gin Masters 2015 results have been announced and Bathtub Gin has been awarded a prestigious Master Medal in the Ultra Premium category. Bathtub gin was once a standalone product but is now part of the Professor Cornelius Ampleforth range which can be identified by the very distinctive packaging; the bottles are hand wrapped in brown paper and sealed with string and wax. They look very Victorian and they look like they could contain all manner of potions and lotions...

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  • The Oldest Whiskey Company In The US - Michters US*1

    When we had the opportunity to obtain some whiskey from what is believed to be the oldest distillery in the US we jumped at the chance. Michters Distillery can trace its roots right the way back to the opening of America's first whiskey company back in 1753! The company was originally known as Shenk's after the founder John Shenk, a Swiss farmer from Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. He originally produced rye whiskey from the popular rye crops that grew in the Pennsylvania Blue Mountain Valley. The...

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  • Scotland's First Ever Rum - Dark Matter

    Saying no to family is always hard, even if they are trying to convince you it's a god idea to set up a dedicated rum distillery in Scotland! That's the obstacle former petroleum economist (I'm not sure what that entails exactly!) Jim Ewen had to overcome this very issue when he touted the idea of creating a Scottish rum to his brother John Ewen. Jim noticed the recent surge in craft gin distilleries opening and saw a gap in the market for craft distilled Scottish rum. Suffice to say that Jim...

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