Blantons Special Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon 40% 70cl

Blantons Special Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon 40% 70cl

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Key Info

Type Bourbon Whiskey
Country America
Distilleries Blantons
Strength 40%

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Blanton's special reserve was Created as an introductory edition to our full lineup, Blantons Special Reserve is ideal for those new to single barrel bourbons. A sweet taste profile with a floral nose and light undertones of vanilla and citrus make it perfect for a premium cocktail or served on the rocks. 40% alcohol by volume.

Nose: Dry Citrus, Raisin, Light Vanilla, Spice.

Palate Entry: Sweet with Citrus, marked by a Light Vanilla and Honey.

Finish: Crisp with notes of Spice and a hint of Cinnamon Apple.

Best Served: On ice, or used in a premium cocktail.


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