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Black Zephyr Gin 40% 70cl

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A premium distilled London Dry Gin using botanicals including the elderflower & sweet elderberry to create a premium gin unlike anything else on the market.

Measured to 40 proof for optimum taste, Black Zephyr is a perfect start for a cold, clean martini.

Chicago Beverage Institute 2008 - Gold Medal.

Distillation Method - Zephyr is a premium London Dry Gin produced by re-distilling neutral grain spirit with natural botanicals such as juniper berries, citrus peel, and coriander seeds but also elderflower & elderberry.

Elderflower is a powerful botanical & requires special attention during the production process. Zephyr, produced in small batches in a 60 year old copper pot

still called Constance (Connie) & named after their head distillers' mother.

All the selected ingredients are heated in a copper pot still so that the flavours and aromas are released into the spirit vapour giving Zephyr its unique flavour & character. The resulting spirit is then blended to produce high strength gin of about 94% ABV. It is then reduced in strength prior to bottling.

The Blu uses the same base as Black with an added 'natural' blue colour and a natural elderberry infusion (added after distillation).
Black Zephyr Gin 40% 70cl

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