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Remy Coeur de Cognac 40% 70cl



Coeur de Cognac translated as 'The heart of Cognac' has enticing notes of ripe summer fruits with the promise of incredibly smooth sensations.

In order to achieve notes of ripe fruit, over half of the eaux de vie were selected from Remy Martin own private estates, the heart of the heart of Cognac. These vineyards are noted for their particularly mild climate and chalky soil and produce almost perfect growing conditions to deliver the fruitiest of eaux de vies and produces delicious a cognac taste, similar to savouring a ripe summer peach.

With Coeur de Cognac, Remy Martin has used a different distillation process, which is particularly gentle and slow, which enables the master distiller to both capture the fruitiest notes and deliver this wonderful smoothness.
Remy Coeur de Cognac 40% 70cl

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Long Lasting

This is my second bottle and its velvety smooth, rich taste lingers long, so a little lasts a long time. This bottle will not be shared!

John Smale, PLYMOUTH

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