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Benchmark Straight Bourbon 40% 70cl

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McAfees Benchmark Bourbon is named in honour of the intrepid McAfee brothers, who carried out the original 1773 survey of what became Leestown, Kentucky and the site of the Buffalo Trace distillery.

This rye recipe Kentucky straight bourbon is distilled to 40% by the whiskey experts at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, and gently aged in oak barrels to create an easy-drinking bourbon that also makes a fine cocktail.

Medium amber in color, Benchmark balances fruit and caramel flavours with just a touch of tobacco and leather for a smooth, accessible experience
Benchmark Straight Bourbon 40% 70cl

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Amazing Value

Wow so pleased to see this stocked on here as my usual supplier has sold out! this is 100X better than JD and JB and cheaper! fully recomended as a great bourbon mixer.

Mark - Tadley

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