Belvedere Vodka IX 40% 70cl

Belvedere Vodka IX 40% 70cl

Key Info

Type Vodka
Style Flavoured Vodka
Strength 40%

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Belvedere IX (pronounced One-X) is the new luxury spirit from Belvedere Vodka that brings the best in vodka quality and innovation to the nightclub scene.

Belvedere has blended nine, natural, individually distilled ingredients with Belvedere vodka to create IX.

Belvedere is the only super premium vodka to combine all natural ingredients with vodka to create a new and unique taste in the vodka category.

The nine natural ingredients and botanicals are an exciting and unique difference versus other more traditional or artificially flavoured vodkas and are added to 40% (alcohol by volume) to enhance the aromatic nature of the vodka.

The nine ingredients: Gurana, ginger, ginseng, jasmine, cinnamon leaf, sweet almond, eucalyptus, black cherry and acai juice concentrate.

Nose: Floral, sweet spice aromas with notes of freshcitrus and ginger with a soft yet refreshing menthol lift. Nose is warm and enlivening.

Palate: Bold and intricate with uplifting sweet spice followed by invigorating ginger warmth. Smooth yet intense with menthol complexity tempered by gentle sweet almond and jasmine undercurrents.

Finish: Sustained finish with a characteristic Belvedere flourish of vanilla and white pepper.