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Agavero Liqueur de Tequila Gran Centenario 32% 70cl

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Tequila Liqueur

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Agavero is the unique and original Tequila liqueur created over a century ago by Lazaro Gallardo himself. After founding "Los Camichines", Master Gallardo created Agavero as a compliment to the refine tastes of his very special guest. After several generations, Agavero is still hand-produced, using Master Gallardo's secret formula, in limited quantities using only the finest 100% blue agave reposado and anejo tequilas with the addition of a special touch of Damiana flower. Enjoy its smooth flavor and complex bouquet on its own, on the rocks with a twist of lime and orange, or in a delicious coffee. It is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite desserts
Agavero Liqueur de Tequila Gran Centenario 32% 70cl

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